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21-22-01: Double Bactofuge line

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval, Type: BBRPX618-hgv

Double Bactofuge line  - Type - BBRPX618-hgv


Double Bactofuge line. Still in the factory, stopped production on the 1st of October 2020. Inspection is possible on request. Existing out of two almost identical hermetic bacterial removal separator / bactofuges, self-cleaning. Including bowl (bowl speed: 4.265 rpm), motor, motor cover, base frame, sludge collecting cyclone, pneumatic counter pressure valve milk and OWM, water control cabinet. Air tight design with internal bactofugat recirculation for minimum losses (< 0,15% sludge only, no bactofugat outlet). The capacity range is 25.000 – 42.000 liter per hour. Each bacotugue has  a Alfa Laval Centrifugal feed pump model: LKH40/200SSS, 11kW (year: 2010), a flowtransmitters and set of (mixproof) valves model Unique. The separators are independable of pasteurizer cleanable. The line also exists out of: Sterilizer for the bactofugat and the sludge. Temperature scheme: in 55-137-55°C. with a direct steam vessel, balance tank, filters, sensors and pumps. The sludge and bactofugat comes every discharge (approx. 200ltr per hour), is remixed with part of flow milk and sterilized at 137°C by steam injections to kill all spores, without losses or outfeed of bactofugat. Including the complete lay-out, PID’s, MCC’s, electric scheme’s, PCS software and wonderware scada. 


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Offer number 21-22-01 21-22-02 21-22-03
Description Bactofuge Bactofuge Steriliser for bactofugat
Manufacturer Alfa Laval Alfa Laval Alfa Laval
Type BBRPX618-hgv BBRPX618-hgv -
Capacity 30.000 liter per hour 30.000 liter per hour ±2.500 liter per hour
Year of manufacture ± 1985 1991 Unknown
Serial number 4040337 4058625 -
Power 25kW + 11 kW 25kW + 11 kW -
Conditions Good Good Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) Full lay-out available
Terms of delivery FCA
Location Still in the factory, The Netherlands

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