Used milk, whey and butteroil separators

Are you looking for used milk/whey/butteroil separators? Then you are at the right place at Used Dairy Equipment.

A milk separator is a machine that separates the cream from the milk. By, under high speed, rotating of the bowl, the milk is separated from the cream by flying force by means of center point. This creates skim milk and full cream, which often will be re-mixed together by a milk standardization unit in order to obtain the desired percentage of fat in the milk. This allows the dairy to always gives a constant ratio of the fat percentage in the milk, regardless of the season.

A Bactofuge works on the same principle as a separator only this machine has some of the bacteria in the milk. Mostly used for ESL milk or cheese milk.

A clarifier works on the same principle as a separator only does this machine only clean the milk. It does not make a separation in products.

Used Dairy Equipment buys many used milk, whey and butter oil separators, clarifiers and bactofuges at several dairies around the world, but mainly in Europe. The range is of ± 1.000 liters per hour up to ± 40.000 liters per hour. It could be a manual cleaner (manual cleaning after production with the machine) or a self-cleaning (cleaned in the CIP system of the dairy). Generally our stock consists of well-known brands such as Alfa Laval and Westfalia.

After a brief inspection in our workshop, the milk used separators are put on photographs, details listed and searched relevant data, after which it is presented in a quotation form to potential new owners.

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