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Cheese equipment

Offer number Description Manufacturer Type
13-13-02 Closed cheesevats Tebel Tebel-matic More
15-39-01 Thermoforming machine Dixie Vac Evolution EVO0242 More
16-11-02 Cheese packing machine Alpma K-65/Ach More
16-14-01 Curd transport system Waldner Continuous curd pump More
16-28-02 Powder adding conveyer for cheese grating line Groba PD 100 More
16-28-03 Cheese mixing drum Cabinplant Separatortromle More
14-34-01 Cheese production line Damrow / MKT Double O / Drainingvessel More
16-43-01 Cheese Buffering device Alpma Vestor II More
17-24-02 Culture preparation department GTI design (Goavec, Alfa Laval, Anema, Grundfos, Sinus) Culture preparation department More
17-23-01 Reverse Osmosis Unit MemBrain + Norde Boers design (Hovap, Fristam, Sondex, Anema, Alfa Laval, E&H and Siemens) Reverse Osmosis Unit More
17-27-01 Cheese preparation line Tetra Pak - Tebel OST IV Under contract
17-03-01 Complete cheese production plant for Gouda cheese Tetra Pak / Tebel Schmidt / Alfa Laval / Norde Boers CLIP10 / PX918HGV-74C / OST4 / Sigma 65 / HRMPX618HGV / Alfast / MRPX-618 HGV Under contract