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21-18-01: Complete CIP unit

Manufacturer: Holvrieka, Type: CIP tanks

Complete CIP unit  - Type - CIP tanks


Complete CIP unit. Still located in the dairy. Existing out: a pre-rinse recuperated water tank, a lye tank, heated by steam, including recirculation pump. Acid tank, heated by steam and including recirculation pump. Clean water flush tank, drain collection tank. Complete with all interconnecting piping and approx. 52 valves, make: Alfa-Laval, model: SRC. Each tank has it’s own manhole and sight glass. Including stainless steel walking frame and stairs to view the tanks from above.  6 outgoing lines and return lines into the factory, each line has its own pump (5x 7.5 and 1x 5.5kW power),  make: Alfa Laval model: LKH / FM3. Remote I-O control box. Optional in this offer: a Lye and acid concentrate reception, storage and distribution system. Explanation of this optional system: a truck brings the concentrate and it is pumped into the concentrate tank for further distribution into the CIP unit or to other places in the factory. Existing of a lock-able ss reception box, tank and distribution pump.


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Offer number 21-18-01 21-18-01
Description Complete CIP unit Optional
Manufacturer Holvrieka Holvrieka
Type CIP tanks
Capacity Pre-rinse water tank: 5.000 liter Lye tank: 20.000 liter Acid tank: 20.000 liter Rinse tank: 5.000 liter Lye tank: 12.000 liter Acid tank: 8.000 liter
Conditions Good Good
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) See lay-out See lay-out
Terms of delivery FCA
Location Still at the factory, The Netherlands

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